Why Conversion Comes Before Traffic

Why Conversion Comes Before Traffic

Conversion Comes Before Traffic

It is crazy how much money people invest in bringing visitors to their website before they have thought about how they are going to convert visitors to complete a task that achieves their goal.

Remember this golden rule – Conversion Comes Before Traffic

Why Conversion Comes Before Traffic
The equation above is correct but many people spend 90% of their time dealing with part one but not taking care of conversion. I have popped down 3 tips to start you thinking about conversion:

1. Your Goal – What is the one thing you want visitors to accomplish when they arrive? It could be to fill in a form, it could be to choose to visit a store, fill in an opt-in email box or something else.

Work out what your goal is – the single most important action you want your visitors to take, to know you have a successful website. By defining this it shows you what you need to track and improve.

2. Your Customer’s Shoes – Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Imagine you have no clue about the industry or what you are selling. You have just typed in the keyword for your industry, and have found your website.

On arriving on the website does it sell you on your benefits, the product that is being sold and does it drive you to take an action? If not, you need to find that disconnect is and fix it.

3. Design – This is something that in my opinion gets overdone most of the time. Design can sometimes be the biggest barrier to conversion. A site that is said to look pretty does not always lead to the goal you are trying to achieve being met. It can be a barrier if not done correctly.

A pretty picture is lovely and if your goal is that your visitors arrive and say “oh that is a lovely picture” and then leave – you may be on to a winner. But if not, make sure your design is not hindering your visitors.

One of my biggest pet hates is using 10 point fonts in grey on a website. It makes it impossible to read and drives me up the wall!

These 3 tips are just a taste of what you have to think about when it comes to conversion, but should be a good start 🙂

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