Is Lead Generation Your Goal?

Is Lead Generation Your Goal?

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Has your website been built with Lead Generation in mind?

Do you want more business from your website?

Does your website portray who you are as a business?

If you were an outsider would you contact yourself from your website?
These are all questions a business must start to ask when building a website. These are questions that usually get forgotten. Sometimes the smallest details can make the biggest impact. A close friend of mind reminded me of a great quote: “Small hinges swing big doors.”

When you jump into “just getting a website”, these small things are not taken into account. The questions that need to be thought of don’t get asked.

The one lesson I want to give in this article that you can take away is that a website is just a piece of marketing technology. The principles of real life advertising and marketing are still in play. Just in a new environment.

Applying real life business logic to the flow of your website is instrumental in Lead Generation. A technique I get clients to use is to sit down and think of the perfect client for them.

What is the process that this person wants to go through when they arrive on your website? What do they want to look for? Where do they want to go?

Do they want to be bombarded with rotating banners which mean nothing to them? Do they want to find what they want in the quickest time? What information do they want to read about that service or product? Do they want to contact you quickly?

These questions are vital to understand your client. When you start answering questions like this before building the first page you will be streets ahead of your competition.

This is just one technique and if you apply this to your next website you will be in a great place when it comes to Lead Generation!

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