New Tool to Kick off 2015

New Tool to Kick off 2015


I hope you had a great new years period and can’t wait to get started in to the new year.

I wanted to kick off the blog this year talking about a tool that I have started using that is great.

If you are a Business 2 Business company that wants to get more out of your website. The tool Lead Feeder is great for you.

It uses some funky new technology to find out who has visited your website and can show you from what company.

It usually gets 30 – 40% of the visits right but can give you some great insight in to who is checking you out but not leaving a comment.

It is one of those tools that for a whole years subscription if you only gained 1 or 2 new deals from knowing who to proactively contact you would be in a great place.

One of the things I love too is it shows you what pages each of these people visited and how long they spent.

This give you an idea about what that company is interested in.

Have a look at Lead Feeder and maybe trial out the free option to get started. Once you have seen it working it is a no brainer to go to the next level!

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